Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife park is one of the places my Wife & I live to visit on occasion. There is always something new and she gets lot's of updated via email from the place so One fine October day we went along with a picnic to see the wildlife there

The Penguins were having a great time swimming around

and the Mearkats  seem to be having Fun

while one was on constant watch
Even saw a butterfly

Along with the odd Gopher 

Well more than one

We did see some birds
Like this beautiful Ibis

and Guinna foul which I seem to remember are some noisy birds from someone in our village keeping them years ago

 This is always a favorite place of mine to go to see the Ring Tailed Lemar's and the fellow on the right

 Always looked like he a was meditating

The ducks kept them company

 But I did like the Ring Tails

Camels were there as well

along with the giraffes 

but the little Rhino took all the attraction 

There was more than one

So sweet
 Especially when it was face to face with Mum

went round pets corner, love the pot belly

even petted a goat

there were also minture Donkeys
 and more goats

More pigs, these are special as they are Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs 

Cows though they kept to themselves 
and the Giant Tortoise who was not interested in anyone and that was it, well for this camera it was as the battery ran out. I did take more with my Ipod though

and here are some of  ones I took in the pet area, Love bunnies

So cute

our friend the pot belly

My friend the goat

sunbathing on the rocks
Really Friendly Goat

More goats

Angry Goat. You could feel the vibrations along the fence when he butted the board here
The business end, glad he was looking at me and not butting like in the last photo. Hope you enjoyed the little tour. It's worth taking a picnic if you visit but not round the animals


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  2. Una maravilla de imágenes... Muy buenas... Un saludo desde Murcia....

  3. Wonderful photos of all the critters. The meerkats are so cute.